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Implement tailor-made solutions to refine your leadership expertise and cultivate a team that trusts, collaborates and WINS.

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Though pulled in a hundred directions, you’re excited and driven to achieve the goals and success you envision! However, your team is experiencing some frustrating communication shortfalls, which are holding you and everyone involved back. What's worse, the internal silos are impacting results.

While you’ve tried guiding and inspiring your team to greater collaboration, your well-intentioned improvements don’t last. You’re not sure what to try next and you don’t have time to figure it out.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Jay Stevens , Founder of Tenshare Media, Former SVP of Programming Content at Urban One

Jay Stevens, Founder of Tenshare Media, Former SVP of Programming Content at Urban One

“Leaving the corporate world as a longtime executive to start my own business was one of the most stressful decisions that I have ever made. With the coaching and guidance of Jackie Kindall, Tenshare Media was born and through my consultancy I can be a more effective leader and use my talents throughout the media industry. I would highly recommend the services of Kindall Evolve, Jackie will inspire and lift your organization to greatness.”

Your team and organization can achieve enduring success.

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