Are you stepping into a leadership role?

Discover 10 tips to build trust as a leader and create a team of A-players.



Great leaders understand that they need to continually learn and grow in order to inspire their employees, create loyal customers, and satisfy their shareholders.

Yet the nature of being a leader is that everyone is looking to YOU for answers.

Where can you go to get the support you need to step into your full potential as a leader, build high performing teams and be wildly successful?

Welcome to Kindall Evolve Consulting, LLC.

We support you as an emerging or experienced leader in your quest to be extraordinary.  You may be looking to develop creative ways to align your strategic goals across the organization, manage your time more effectively, boost employee engagement, or create an inspiring vision that propels your organization to evolve.

When you are at the top of your leadership game, you are able to create a culture where your employees are passionate about the organization's success. That's a great way to achieve your strategic goals, retain your best people and be remarkable.


We all know the world needs more inspiring leaders.

Perhaps you’ve been called to step into a leadership role, or have been leading teams for many years.

Yet you often lack the support you desire to achieve your strategic goals, build high performing teams and manage your time effectively.

Some of the reasons for this might be:

      Strategic goals that are too lofty or misaligned

      Lack of resources due to the leanness of your organization

      Overworked or unmotivated employees

      Spending time putting out fires vs focusing on your most meaningful goals

      Lack of alignment between your vision vs that of your leader

      Burnout or stress

      Inadequate systems

      The warp speed of the demand for innovation

Inspiring leaders often need support in generating ways to create outstanding work environments. After all, you want your employees to wake up in the morning and be eager to start their workday. 

You may also need specific strategies to engage millennials, which is critical today.

Retaining your top performers and those who have potential to rise within the organization is also a challenge you face. 

Plus you must ensure that your talent management practices drive value for employees and link directly to strategic goals. 

It is a constant balancing act.

Given these challenges, how can we support and inspire great leaders so you can grow even stronger organizations?

This is exactly why Kindall Evolve Consulting, LLC was founded.

We are dedicated to providing the resources you need in a simple, effective manner. 

Let's partner together so that you can envision extraordinary success, create a solid plan to reach your full potential, and transform. 

You have what it takes to evolve.




We offer inspiring growth opportunities for newly promoted leaders, experienced leaders and organizations.


If you are stepping into a leadership role and are looking for support to really help you succeed, this is something we specialize in.

As a new leader, there are major changes you will need to make to ensure your success.

Developing new skills is critical to take make the most of your career defining moment.

Plus you will need to create new alliances, avoid costly mistakes, and leverage your existing strengths.

Take advantage of our programs that are laser focused on supporting you as you build your very own leadership success plan.




If you are an experienced leader who is looking for an accountability partner to support your quest to advance your performance, you’ve come to the right place.

Our programs for experienced leaders provide opportunities for you to set new goals for yourself and/or your teams AND achieve them.

You will discover new ways to balance your organization’s strategic goals, while leading your team and focusing on your individual needs.

You will also become more aware of your own strengths and get feedback on ways to be even more impactful as a leader.

We know that you want to be a strong, wildly successful leader and we are here to support you in that endeavor.

step up your leadership game



Organizations that are looking for additional ways to invest in your new and existing leaders, leverage internal talent, execute strategy, or create a culture that sets your company apart from your competitors, this program is for you.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to attract and retain outstanding employees.

Part of that challenge involves developing and managing the workforce in a way that is linked to the strategic goals of the organization while also meeting the needs of the employees.
This does not have to be so hard.

Our programs will position your organization to join an elite group of organizations that are successful in part because they have mastered the ability to align their vision and strategic goals with their talent management practices.

create unstoppable, high performing leaders and a successful organization



About the Founder and CEO

Jackie Kindall is an outstanding Organization Development executive who excels at leading organizational change, providing impactful professional and executive coaching, improving organizational culture, and aligning talent management practices with organizational vision and values. 

Her passion is partnering with leaders, especially those newly promoted into leadership positions, and providing the necessary coaching/tools to inspire them to evolve. 

Jackie is also passionate about employee engagement and team dynamics and ensures that leaders have the necessary tools to positively impact both.  She has achieved consistent success in providing strategic human capital solutions to organizations for many years.

Relevant experience:

  • Over 25 years of experience successfully supporting many leaders, new managers, and organizations

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

  • Certified to administer a variety of assessments: PDI 360 Profilor, MBTI, LPI 360, CPI 260, Strong, etc.

  • Master of Organization Development and Leadership from Saint Joseph's University 

  • Expertise in Organizational Change, Employee Engagement, Organizational Culture, Team Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, Talent Development and Talent Management

Jackie Kindall is one of the most experienced and efficient HR Generalists I have ever worked with. Her compassionate but firm presence is what makes her outstanding. Add to that her effective EQ - Emotional Intelligence - & Mindfulness skills and she presents a holistic and professional aura that is exceptional. She delivers extraordinary business results that make their way right to the bottom line.
— Art DeLorenzo, Managing Partner, http://www.maximizeyourtalent.com
I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Jackie Kindall for 10 years. I have watched her lead teams, develop the talents and confidence in others and bring about system-wide improvements. Jackie is the consummate professional and the benchmark for other HR and Organizational Development consultants.
— Lawrence Dunford, Leadership & Talent Development Director, Commercial Banking
During my five-year tenure, Jackie Kindall exhibited the exceptional ability of working with and coaching executives in the area of achieving organizational goals by aligning people related strategies with organizational strategies. She was most tested (and delivered results) during the economic downturn of 2008-2009. I would recommend her without qualification.
— Barry Mayo, former President of Radio Division for Radio One
Over the 6 years we worked together I witnessed Jackie’s strong leadership skills and her ability to develop strategies to bring positive organizational change, improve engagement and build company culture. This created a profound impact on the people she worked with, as well as the success and bottom line of the company she worked for. Jackie’s commitment and passion to developing people and organizations that can be successful in today’s demanding business environment is exemplary.
— John J. Micale,
 Chief Executive Officer, http://www.usi.biz

Jackie Kindall is a naturally gifted coach. She has an innate ability to provide clarity in an unconditionally positive and supportive way. During my coaching sessions with her, I often felt like I’d had a great conversation with a friend but then realized that I’d also gotten new insights, perspectives and direction. Her coaching is highly effective and she is an asset to the coaching field.
— Angela McBride, MA, Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA
Disciplined, determined, passionate and powerful, Jackie Kindall is simply an executive extraordinaire. She combines her high energy and intelligence to artfully engage leaders and organizations, as she inspires them to leverage talent and achieve excellence. Her human resource and organizational development counsel promises to pay huge dividends.
— Anne Palmer, http://www.annepalmer.com
Jackie Kindall is a consummate professional. She is loyal and driven to do the best job possible. She has the ability to evaluate situations and create extraordinary results. While she has outstanding organizational development skills, she also excels in professional coaching. Jackie has keen mentoring skills that can help a new and/or seasoned manager in a large organization as well as a start-up company. Her abilities and passion would be an asset to your organization.
— Jennifer L. Ross, Founder and Executive Director, http://www.nationalprepdc.org
I had the pleasure of working with Jackie at The Smithsonian Business Venture Unit. Jackie’s human resource acumen embodies every critical facet of this most important and often overlooked corporate function. Her ability to quickly identify issues and offer immediate and effective resolve has always impressed me and moreover, the results were effective for both the employee and the organization. Jackie brings an understanding of the value of human capital that is unequalled.
— Steven D. Shaiken, President


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