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Jackie Kindall helps driven, committed executives build cohesive teams that WIN.

Most of her clients have an enviable record of success because they’re committed to high performance, growth and excellence. However, due to a change in team dynamics, they find themselves at risk of not meeting team and company goals. Though eager to address workplace challenges, they’re unsure how to solve the problem and what to try next. Their leadership skills are being put to the test as they seek ways to engage and move their teams forward.


When executives partner with Jackie, they diagnose the issues plaguing their team and refine their own leadership mastery. They welcome peace of mind and renewed excitement as she helps them implement tailor-made solutions to cultivate a team that trusts, collaborates and achieves stellar results.

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A born go-getter, Jackie’s greatest satisfaction is witnessing the leadership transformation that takes place as her clients and their teams enjoy the accomplishments and accolades of working as one toward important common goals.

Described by her clients as inspiring, empathetic and driven, Jackie has nearly three decades of corporate leadership experience in Human Resources and Organization Development. In 2016, determined to broaden her reach, she launched Kindall Evolve. Now, through hands-on coaching, leadership development programs and consulting, Jackie collaborates with executives and their teams across the country to create productive, vibrant workplaces.

Jackie is a Certified Executive Coach through the International Coach Federation (ACC). She has a Master of Organization Development and Leadership from Saint Joseph's University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from UCLA.

She serves as an Advisory Board Member for Saint Joseph University's Master of Organization Development and Leadership program.

She loves to travel and experience different cultures around the globe, spend time with friends and family, and laugh so hard that she cries! 


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Build success with an engaged team that wins.