An Open Letter to CHROs and HR Executives

We imagine you are aware of the recent media attention on sexual harassment. As an HR executive, you may have wondered about HR’s role in responding to allegations of sexual harassment; you may have empathized with the HR department knowing what it is like when someone makes a complaint of harassment against top talent within an organization; or you may have paused to reflect upon similar situations within your own organization. “What if? Did we do enough? Could we have handled that better? Are we liable in any way?” These are all plausible reactions.

An Open Letter to CEOs and Boards of Directors

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month — and the time of year many companies work on their annual reviews and employee engagement surveys. We wanted to provide you with information, best practices and a few additional survey questions to consider to foster a harassment-free workplace and guard your company’s reputation from becoming the next headline.

10 Things That Hold Leaders Back Vol. 2

From years of working with leaders at every level, studying leadership and conducting research, we have identified key factors that keep leaders from being their best and getting the best from their people.  We will begin sharing our list of 10 things that hold leaders back. This list is not all inclusive but, in our experience, these are the most common.

Whether you are an emerging, experienced or seasoned leaders, focusing on these 10 things will help you create more engaging work environments and meet your strategic goals.  This all ties back to the bottom line results of your organization, so please keep reading. 

Without further ado, here is #1 on the list of 10 Things that Hold Leaders Back.