Jackie Kindall is one of the most experienced and efficient HR Generalists I have ever worked with. Her compassionate but firm presence is what makes her outstanding. Add to that her effective EQ - Emotional Intelligence - & Mindfulness skills and she presents a holistic and professional aura that is exceptional. She delivers extraordinary business results that make their way right to the bottom line.
— Art DeLorenzo, Managing Partner, http://www.maximizeyourtalent.com
I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Jackie Kindall for 10 years. I have watched her lead teams, develop the talents and confidence in others and bring about system-wide improvements. Jackie is the consummate professional and the benchmark for other HR and Organizational Development consultants.
— Lawrence Dunford, Leadership & Talent Development Director, Commercial Banking
During my five-year tenure, Jackie Kindall exhibited the exceptional ability of working with and coaching executives in the area of achieving organizational goals by aligning people related strategies with organizational strategies. She was most tested (and delivered results) during the economic downturn of 2008-2009. I would recommend her without qualification.
— Barry Mayo, former President of Radio Division for Radio One
Over the 6 years we worked together I witnessed Jackie’s strong leadership skills and her ability to develop strategies to bring positive organizational change, improve engagement and build company culture. This created a profound impact on the people she worked with, as well as the success and bottom line of the company she worked for. Jackie’s commitment and passion to developing people and organizations that can be successful in today’s demanding business environment is exemplary.
— John J. Micale,
 Chief Executive Officer, http://www.usi.biz

Jackie Kindall is a naturally gifted coach. She has an innate ability to provide clarity in an unconditionally positive and supportive way. During my coaching sessions with her, I often felt like I’d had a great conversation with a friend but then realized that I’d also gotten new insights, perspectives and direction. Her coaching is highly effective and she is an asset to the coaching field.
— Angela McBride, MA, Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA
Disciplined, determined, passionate and powerful, Jackie Kindall is simply an executive extraordinaire. She combines her high energy and intelligence to artfully engage leaders and organizations, as she inspires them to leverage talent and achieve excellence. Her human resource and organizational development counsel promises to pay huge dividends.
— Anne Palmer, http://www.annepalmer.com
Jackie Kindall is a consummate professional. She is loyal and driven to do the best job possible. She has the ability to evaluate situations and create extraordinary results. While she has outstanding organizational development skills, she also excels in professional coaching. Jackie has keen mentoring skills that can help a new and/or seasoned manager in a large organization as well as a start-up company. Her abilities and passion would be an asset to your organization.
— Jennifer L. Ross, Founder and Executive Director, http://www.nationalprepdc.org
I had the pleasure of working with Jackie at The Smithsonian Business Venture Unit. Jackie’s human resource acumen embodies every critical facet of this most important and often overlooked corporate function. Her ability to quickly identify issues and offer immediate and effective resolve has always impressed me and moreover, the results were effective for both the employee and the organization. Jackie brings an understanding of the value of human capital that is unequalled.
— Steven D. Shaiken, President